Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wanna find out what your vote really means?

This saturday, the 27th at 2p.m., the Towson Library on York Road will host political science professor, Dr. Toni Marzotto, in a lecture about why we should vote in the presidential election and what to think about while doing so. The sponsors for this particular event are the Osler Lifelong Learning Insitute of Towson University or OLLI as well as Extended Education and Online Learning or EEOL. If I needed background information on this event or even the speaker, I should contact either sponsor or both because they have a lot of experience in speeches similiar to this one.
At the actual speech, I will see if I can talk to Dr. Toni Marzotto afterwards to ask him a few questions to use for my article. I may ask questions such as, his own opinion on this election, will it be a successful election? Does he think there will be a greater youth turnout for this election than last presidential election? Along with this, I will see if I can get some background into his personal experience with political science and politics in general and why he finds it so interesting. What made him want to speak out to the youth to tell them that they need to vote? Does he think people such as himself speaking out about how important youth voting in the polls will change the statistics of younger voters in this election?

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Hi Jenny,
How did it go?
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