Thursday, September 18, 2008

Analysis of classmate's twitter headlines

To begin this blog, I will first dicuss my classmate gilly415 and the three headlines that she posted to twitter. She did a very good job in doing her 50 word headlines on Twitter. She was very concise and to the point without leaving important information out. One thing that I woud fix would be in her headline about Towson football, she left out the when. She should add the date. I know it's hard to include all of the 5w's but she could have added the date somewhere in there.
Next, I will look at bwrigh5 and his headlines posted to twitter. Again, I think he did a very good job. He was very creative in his headlines. I especially liked "From black and gold to green?" It was very different from what a lot of people did yet he got the information across to the audience. The only thing he could've fixed was added he rest of the 5w's such as the who, because not everyone knows "black and gold" represents towson, especially people who aren't local.
Lastly, I will take a look at lmarti10. Her headlines were very good. They got all essential information to the reader in a clear manner. Again, though, some of the information is missing regarding the 5 w's. For example if someone was reading the headline, "Towson loses game to Richmond," how will they know if it was a football game instead of maybe a soccer game against Richmond. Also, she could have added a little more information to the headlines because it looks as if they may be a little bit short of 50 characters. Other than that, I thought she did a great job and definitely does a good job of picking out the essential information and making into a good quality headline.

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