Tuesday, September 16, 2008

All about press releases and news reporting!

So what exactly is a press release?

Well, a press release is basically a document that is issued to the media and consumers to introduce a particular product. The purpose of press releases is to increase sales and enhance the image of your particular business. An example of an article based off of a press release that was released at some point not too long ago was found in the New York Times online.

This particular article serves as a great example of an article based off of a recent press release. Recently, R. Preston McAfee, a professor at CalTech decided that enabling textbooks for college students to be viewed online would be a very effective idea. This idea would be very beneficial to college students, as it would cost about half the price of a normal textbook and still provide the exact same information.

This particular article isn't actually a press release, it is simply based off of a press release that came out recently introducing the idea to the public. The end of the article begs the question, would students actually give in to this idea? The majority of the article basically tells of the effects of this new idea and whether experts think it will actually be effective.

Moving on...what exactly does original reporting mean?

In order to give you a better idea of what original reporting is, I chose a very good example of a current event article to better explain it.

"On Peninsula in the Storm: No Way Out"


This particular story takes a closer look at the aftermath of Hurricane Ike and its effect on Texas. This story uses the Sherman couple who are Texas residents who experienced the horrific event as a basis for the story. Their stories are more emphasized than the hurrican itself becuase there have been numerous articles and news reports on Ike, but empasizing a particular couple accounts for the original reporting.

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