Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Towson's Efforts to "Go Green"

In my second multimedia story, I will be covering one group on campus that is putting an effort towards "Go Green," and promoting it all over campus. University Residence Government (URG) is one group that is actively participating in the "Go Green" efforts. This group is the main group in charge of all residence life on campus. Throughout the year, this group is in charge of hosting a variety of activities to get residence life involved on campus. By doing these activities, students can become more inclined to voice their opinions about certain issues as well.
I have already been in contact with the President and Vice President of URG to get a greater look at their specific efforts to "going green" with the residents on campus, and what they have planned for the future. I want to know their personal opinions of the growing popularity of "Go Green" and if they think it will continue to grow and be successful. I hope to use their responses when I interview them to base my entire story around.
As far as my audio and photos for this story, I still have some thinking to do. I hope that there is some kind of picture I can get in one of the residence halls of like a poster or other advertisement of going green, or if there is an activity coming up that works with the "go green" initiative, that I can photograph. I will continue to think about my audio opportunities.

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