Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My first experience taking photos!

Jenny Ceccorulli is playing in the fall foliage outside of Stephen's Hall. She always enjoys this time of year!

The Towson Tiger sits in the middle of the field in front of Stephen's Hall. The statue was given as a present to Towson as a gift from the alumnae association.

Jenny Ceccorulli is standing outside of Smith Hall. This was not the best picture of her, but it will do!
I think for my first time taking semi- professional photos like this, i did a farely good job. My favorite one that I took was the tiger picture. It really captures the entirety of the tiger and also shows how dominating the statue really appears to be. I also like how I incorporated the flowers in there as well. Becuase the two objects clash, it makes the tiger appear more easily to the audience. You can't really go wrong with a mugshot, so this picture was good as well. Lastly, I enjoy the fall photo because it incorporates the one thing that fall entails, and that is leaves. It is also a fun photo and really shows my personality.
On the other hand, there is definitely a lot of room for improvement when I take pictures. The only experience I have had taking pictures is with my family or friends, not professional looking ones so I did experience a little bit of difficulty with this asisgnment. Although, I think a did a farely good job with the "thirds rule" I need to work on that for my fall photo. Lastly, for the mugshot, I shouldn't have rushed it so much because it is not the most attractive photo of me. I need to always make sure that the quality of my photos turns out better.
I have to say that I got a little bit confused and put the pictures of me instead of the pictures I took! Woops!

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